IEMA Courses


The Lead Environmental Auditor Course provides professionals of Environmental Systems the knowledge needed to assess the compliance and performance of the EMS of an organization. Skills that are learned through the course allow auditors to contribute to continuous improvement of activities and to reduce the environmental impact in the perspective of sustainable development.

The course is the first step for professionals who want to pursue the fruitful and rewarding activity of auditors for Certification Bodies and offers a great opportunity for growth to the EMS Internal Auditors, who will hoard the teachings of the course with undeniable effects on the efficiency of the company they belong to.


Alma Mater Academy is an IEMA Training Partner.

The course provided by Alma Mater Academy is certified by IEMA and, as such, uses the most advanced and effective teaching techniques. Alma Mater Academy Tutors have a long experience of audit and teaching and were trained to the application of Accelerate Learning Techniques. The course is therefore particularly effective because of the high degree of involvement and interaction which participants are naturally led to.

Training objectives



Professional objectives

Certification of participants

At the course completion, there will be a test to assess the delegates learning;

Participants will receive a certificate of merit. The passing of the course is a prerequisite for registration as auditor with IEMA;

Prior knowledge

Participants are requested to have basic knowledge of the standard ISO 14001:2015, of sector regulations and of the main processes for the reduction of pollutants

Prior knowledge may be gained by completing an ISO 14001:2015 basic knowledge course.

Course duration : 40 hours